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Steering group


Affliation Keywords

Dr Marco Tamburelli

(Chair and principal contact)

School of Linguistics & English Language,
Bangor University (UK).

Regional languages, linguistic diversity, diglossic bilingualism, intelligibility rates, intelligibility as a criterion of demarcation.

Dr Paolo Coluzzi
Faculty of Languages and Linguistics,
University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

Endangered languages, language vitality, language planning, linguistic landscape, nationalism, language ideologies, globalization and minority languages.

Dr Claudia Soria
Institute for Computational Linguistics “A. Zampolli”,
National Research Council of Italy.

Computational linguistics, language resources, Lexical Markup Framework, computational lexicons, language technology, ethnolinguistic vitality.

Prof Mauro Tosco
Department of Human Studies, University of Turin (Italy).

Language typology, language contact, language-ethnicity relationship, comparative linguistics, language reconstruction, language maintenance, language revitalization.


Scientific committee

Prof Ronnie Ferguson

Emeritus Professor

School of Modern Languages

University of St Andrews

Prof Federico Gobbo

Professor in Interlinguistics and Esperanto

Amsterdam Center of Language and Communication, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Dr Aurelie Joubert

Teaching Fellow

Department of Modern Languages,
University of Leicester, UK.

Dr Emanuele Miola

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Department of Educational Human Sciences

University of Milano-Bicocca

Mr Andrea Musumeci

Freelance Translator and Interpreter



Student members

Abigail Ruth Price

School of Linguistics & English Language,
Bangor University (UK).

Lissander Brasca

School of Linguistics & English Language,
Bangor University (UK).

Mara Leonardi

School of Linguistics & English Language,
Bangor University (UK).

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